DCU_Smart Electricity Metering

Gateway / DCU
Solution Enables the Management and Control Of Large and Complex Smart Metering Infrastructures

DCU will act as a connectivity partner for Smart Streetlight, Automation and Smart metering solution. DCU collects information and data from Energy Meters, Water meter and Gas meter. Data will be saved into the local storage before forwarding data to the utility. The built in Web Server feature increase flexibility and convenience, making it easy to configure and maintain the system via internet.

Neona’s cost optimized metering communications solutions DCU, offer scalable and secure technology for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployments. Neona Data Concentration Unit Built in DLMS Client with Processor - RZ A1H having the facilities of WIFI , Ethernet, GSM/GPRS/4G/3G for cloud interface.

Gateway / DCU

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Processor - RZ A1H :
  • Linux 4.9 Latest Kernel based System
  • Single Core ARM Cortex A9 @ 400MHz
  • OpenVG1.1 2D graphics accelerator
  • 128 MB SD – RAM (Expandable)
  • eMMC FLASH - 1GB (Expandable)
  • NOR FLASH - 64 MB (Expandable)
  • 1GB eMMC Flash (Expandable)
  • 64 MB SPI NOR Flash (Expandable)
  • Small and cost-efficient solution
DCU Connectivity to Cloud / MDAS Type :
  • GPRS – 4G - LTE / 3G / GPRS / GSM / HSPA+
  • Ethernet – 10/100 Fast Ethernet port
  • WIFI Connectivity
Cloud Connection Protocol :
  • Direct Amazon Web Service (AWS) IoT with MQTT protocol
  • HTTP / HTTPS Connection
  • TLS 1.2 /SSL encryption
  • AWS Lamda integration to Cloud UI
Meter Connectivity Protocol :
  • Both RF 6LoWPAN and Zigbee supported
  • Inbuilt DLMS Client for RF Meter Interface
  • Inbuilt DLMS Client for G3-PLCC Meter Interface
  • Modbus ASCI and Modbus RTU
  • Isolated RS232 and RS485

DCU with Distributed HES:
While establishing the number of meters connection with HES, the server will start increasing its capacity. Means scaling up HES to larger extent which eventually leads to Heavy and Bulky system, Costly, and involve Huge maintenance cost these are Problems that faced using HES. Distributed HES is a part of Block chain concept, ie the load of HES distributed among DCU, by bringing the protocols like DLMS, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, IEC62056-21, DLT645 in DCU.

The Intelligence brought to DCU, so that load to cloud will be reduced in distributed HES. Which will keep your HES/ Cloud server at minimal load with minimum scalability and low cost. After Black out, DCU will take care of Data coming from the meter side. Based upon cloud availability data will be pushed by DCU, on an interval basis. So that cloud need not have to be loaded maximum. Works on the basis of Distributed data storage, if DCU stores data from energy meter up to 60 days, the data will be pushed to cloud at the same time.

The data backup will be available in both HES and DCU. So, the data loss rate will be zero. For secure data communication, there is a certification provided between HES and DCU using MQTT with TLS1.2. Provide secure traffic between DCU and HES optimized to minimal in Distributed HES concept.

  • Built in DLMS Client
  • Manages upto 500 meters node
  • Detects fault of device and log data and alerts to Cloud / MDAS
  • Alerts during power outages and back battery for 10 Days
  • During no network, the data is stored up 45 to 60 days of meter data
  • Inbuilt Local Server and Scripts for Monitoring and Configuring system
  • Internal Local Server on Java
  • High performance
  • Ideal for external sensor integration
  • PLCC / RF ( 6lowpan ) / RS485 / RS232 functionality
  • Ideal for Ethernet based communication
  • Support for DLMS, Modbus (ASCII and RTU ), IEC62056-21, DLT645 and Custom Protocol for Indian Legacy Meter
  • Meter Interface 6LoWPAN- RF, PLCC ,Isolated RS232 and RS485
  • MDAS / Cloud Interfaces: GSM/GPRS/4G/3G, Ethernet , Wifi, Ethernet
  • Meter data :- Instantaneous Parameters, Load Survey, Tampers, Energies, power quality, etc…
  • USB Plug and Play based Data Backup
  • LED indicators for field diagnosis & testing
  • Unit is suitable for poll/wall/rack mounting